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CR: You're in New York because of our mutual friend, Edward Said, who passed away a month ago?

NC: Yes.

CR: Tell me, what would you most want to say to him?

NC: Edward and I were close friends for years. We had a lot of mutual interests. We've…

CR: Would that be culture, music, politics…

NC: Culture, politics. Mainly political interests, including his prime concern and mine, the Middle East, and much broader questions of justice, freedom and oppression, which he was much involved in. And our paths often crossed. We were close personal friends. And he began arranging, it must have been around twenty, twenty-five years ago, meetings between high officials in the Palestine Liberation Organization when they were visiting New York, meetings with friends of his who were sympathetic to the Palestinians. These were critical for the PLO to get constructive discussions going, and I was involved in some of those meetings.

NC: Noam Chomsky

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quaeps désolé en anglais

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jean désolé, pertinent....

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